Call for Papers

The Heritage and Legacy of F.W.J. Schelling

The fourth annual meeting of the North American Schelling Society

17-19 September 2015

Memorial University of Newfoundland

St. John’s, Canada


Keynote Speaker:

Professor Paul Franks, Yale University



Iain Hamilton Grant

Bruce Matthews

Sean J. McGrath

Lore Hühn

Tilottama Rajan

Jason Wirth


Schelling’s work retains immense importance for the history of philosophy and theology in ways that have yet to be explored. In the upcoming meeting of the North American Schelling Society, we are primarily interested in examining historical and contemporary figures, well-known or obscure, whose work touches on Schellingian themes, for example, non-reductive naturalism, objective idealism, Platonic realism, metaphysical voluntarism, personalism, philosophical eschatology, etc. Papers seeking to re-conceptualize Schelling’s relationship to German Idealism, or papers dealing with under-researched aspects of Schelling’s thinking in general, are also encouraged.

The format of the meeting will include presentations of full papers and responses. Proposals from graduate students are particularly welcome. Papers may be presented in English, German or French.

Send 1,000 word proposals for thirty-minute presentations, prepared for blind review, to Kyla Bruff (kyla.bruff [at] mun [dot] ca) by 1 May 2015.


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